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Discover Swimming Lessons for Adults



Discover Swimming offer private swimming lessons for adults across Scotland and England. All our lessons are taken by highly skilled instructors with years of experience in teaching swimming. If you've made it to adulthood without learning to swim you may think that it is too late to learn but this is not the case at all. Our instructors will show you that you can keep yourself afloat in the water and will help you overcome your fear of the water through techniques which will make you comfortable but at the same time help you increase your water confidence.

If you already know how to swim and would just like to improve your technique then we can still help you too! Our instructors are available to give lessons on a one to one basis so that they can cater exactly towards your own needs and wants.

Swimming is unlike any other form of exercise in that it is ideal for any age or physical ability. Forms of exercise such as running or weight training, which concentrate on specific muscle groups, swimming benefits the upper body, torso and legs together and is one of the fastest ways to improve general strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness. The table below shows clearly that swimming also burns more calories per hour than other forms of exercise.


Calories / hour
Weight Lifting        215
Walking        325
Aerobics        505
Running        720
Cycling        720
Swimming        790

As you can see, swimming burns 790 calories per hour which is 70 more than running and cycling. When looking at this the benefits of swimming become apparent.

If you are interested in our swimming lessons for adults then feel free to send us an email or give us a call on 0845 459 1029.




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