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Swimming Lessons for Babies



Swimming is a vital life skill and the earlier you start the better. There is no need for babies to have completed their first set of immunisations before going in the pool as the chlorine will kill off any germs that may be present in the water.

There are a lot of benefits for taking your baby swimming and these include:

  • It’s fun! It’s socially stimulating for both you and your baby and is an excellent way to bond with your baby.
  • It helps develop different kinds of movements and physical abilities to help develop the higher functions of the brain. Swimming allows the babies freedom of movement which allows them to develop actions they wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to experience.
  • Although the structure of the lessons is very gentle they provide a complete physical work-out strengthening your baby’s heart, lungs and respiratory system which again aids the development of the brain.
  • Swimming is excellent for improving core muscle development and co-ordination.
  • Regular swimming can improve eating and sleeping patterns.
  • Learning to respond to commands can increase levels of awareness and understanding, therefore make your baby mentally sharp.

The swimming lessons for babies follow a clear and progressive structure and involve underwater work which allows the baby the experience of swimming completely independently. Babies are born with a mammalian dive reflex which means they naturally hold their breath when they are submerged so any underwater work is completely safe. However, in all the classes the emphasis is on the parents and their babies having fun in the water and no baby is ever forced to do anything against his or her clear wishes.

Our parent and baby lessons are an excellent way to help develop your baby's physical abilities in a safe, controlled environment. All our instructors are highly qualified and are in the water at all times whilst the lesson is going on.


To keep you little ones warm in the pool Discover Swimming recommend Splash About products, who have a great range of bright & colourful suits, nappies etc. You can purchase these products on booking your lessons ot in our shop.

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