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Swimming Lessons for Children



Our swimming lessons for children focus on the children having fun in the water whilst developing their technique, skill and stamina. We firmly believe that children develop their skills better when the instructor is in the water with them so for this reason all of our lessons will involve the instructor being in the water at all times. Our group swimming lessons have a maximum of 6 children to 1 instructor so each child has a good deal of time with the instructor. Having an instructor in the water also increases the safety aspect of the lesson as the instructor can give support to the child whenever they need it. Safety is paramount to us so all the instructors are fully insured and disclosure checked for child safety.

Our swim lessons for children run everyday throughout the week and can be done in either a group format or private one-to-one lessons. We can take children from the age of 3 and We’re a firm believer that the younger a child is the better swimmer they will become! For swimming lessons for babies please click here!


Introduction to Swimming (Phase 1)

For school aged children, the classes focus on comfort, independence and movement through the water. Woggles are used for a floatation aide to improve the child’s confidence in the water. The emphasis is on the child having fun in the water whilst working towards putting their face in the water and swimming unaided on their front, back and also jumping into the pool.

Development of Skills (Phase 2)

Now that the child can swim unaided on both their front and back we start working on their technique so they can be seen as recognised strokes; front crawl, back stroke and breaststroke. The butterfly stroke is also introduced. We aim for the child to be able to swim around 10 metres unaided using recognised strokes.

Development of Aquatic Skills (Phase 3)

Children in this class will be working towards swimming up to 15 metres of all 4 recognised strokes. Basic survival skills such as treading water, ‘rescuing’ other children using ropes and woggles are also introduced to the children which are always extremely enjoyable lessons for the children which could potentially save someone’s life in the future.

Technical Development of Aquatic Skills (Phase 4)

Stroke technique and development are the focus in this stage. Technical improvement allows for greater distances to be swum, with swimmers aiming to be able to swim 25 metres of a recognised front and back stroke with correct finishes. The full butterfly stroke is also expected at this level with some basic life saving skills being introduced.

Advanced Technical Skills (Phase 5)

This class completes the Learn to Swim programme and once completed works towards the Advanced Skill Awards. Advanced Skills introduces competitive turns & finishes with targets of swim distances within specified times. Life Saving skills are also developed.

Adult & Child Swimming Classes

Introduce your baby to the fun of water while learning to be safe & confident. Games & toys are used to introduce the basics of swimming. These parent participation classes are a great way to spend some fun, quality time with your young child, while building critical water-safety skills. Our certified instructors will lead you in teaching your child beginning swimming skills including safety drills and guidelines.

Pre-school Swimming Classes (Phase 1 & Phase 2)

Children aged 3 to 5 years. Our unique approach combines water games with positive reinforcement to make swimming and learning FUN. This approach works well with every child, ranging from the very timid to the fearless. These classes provide the building blocks necessary for your child to become comfortable and safe in the water. Children will be introduced to the basics of proper arm and body movements for Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Swimming lessons for toddlers are extremely effective and line the children up to go into our main programme. We consistently find that the best swimmers are always the ones which start a young age.





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