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The license that could change your life....

» 12/10/2012




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The license that could change your life....

Interested in starting up your own business? Want the power to make your own decisions and unleash your earning potential whilst changing the life of yourselves and others? You need look no further. Here at Discover Swimming we offer a range of license opportunities.

Health and fitness is a high profile business in the UK and has grown in value to around £3.2 billion a year and swimming is a key part of this growth. Millions of people learn to swim, your potential clients include these people who are currently learning to swim, the people who don't know how to swim and also people who know how to swim but want to improve their technique or stamina. The possibilities are endless. Swimming is a life skill which the Government feels that every child should know how to do by the age of 8. While the schools offer their own lessons for children these are viewed as inadequate by parents as they don't last long enough and the children don't get enough time with the teacher. For this reason parents take their children to private lessons which they know they will get a quality service.

This is where you come in.


What we offer you:

  • freedom - the chance to go it alone, without being alone.
  • a highly proven business model
  • massive potential earnings
  • help and support while you get your business up and running - we will provide you with the initial startup stationary you will need and be able to help you secure your first swimming pool.

If you would like to know more please give us a call on 0845 459 1029 or click here to send us an email.